Clamber Hill
111 N. Main St
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Clamber Hill Inn & Restaurant

When Clamber Hill Inn opened it's doors, the innkeepers of this wooded
country inn new very little about birds.  After having avian inn guests for
fourteen years, the innkeepers now know quite a bit about many different
avian species.

One of their first mornings at Clamber Hill, they were awakened by a flock
of Wild Turkeys in the courtyard.  The turkeys are quite common in this
part of New England, but many people do not know that they can fly.  It's
pretty amazing to watch them, they actually take off very similar to

From April through September, Clamber Hill is home to a large
population of Hummingbirds.  Hummingbirds are absolutely fabulous to
watch.  Many folks do not realize that they actually spend a good bit of
time sitting still.

And of course Clamber Hill is decked out with bird feeders and bird baths
which gives our human guests plenty of opportunities to observe the more
than 20 species of birds which frequent this country inn in the course of a

Innkeeper Deni Ellis, took all of the photographs on this page and with the
exception of the Loon, they were all taken right here at the Inn.  The
photograph of the Loon was captured on the nearby Quabbin Reservoir
on October 11, 2011.

Quabbin Reservoir is also home to several mating pairs of Bald
Eagles.  The best time to see them is the mating season in late February
early March.

So if you love birds and want the opportunity to see some amazing
species up close,
book a weekend at this wonderful country inn in
Petersham Massachusetts, the very heart of New England.  And don't
forget to bring your camera!
Clamber Hill is a
Bird Watcher's
Grab your camera and
reserve a room now!
111 N. Main St.
Petersham MA 01366
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