Clamber Hill
111 N. Main St
Petersham, MA 01366
Clamber Hill Inn & Restaurant

Petersham Massachusetts, founded in 1754, is a picturesque New
England town in the pristine forests of Central Massachusetts.  
With a beautiful, historic Town Common and very little commerce,
Petersham MA is a tranquil town where time has stood still.

Even today there are only 1260 residents making Petersham MA
an ideal destination for those who love peace and quiet.

Petersham is blessed with a thousands of acres of
conservation land belonging to Harvard Forest, the Trustees of
Reservations, the Women's Federated State Forest,
the Quabbin Resevoir and the Audubon Society.

The high percentage of conservation land makes Petersham
one of the best places in Massachusetts for hiking and
bird watching.  It is also great for bicycling, canoing, kayaking, fishing
and many other outdoor activities.

Petersham is graced with a artistic Craft Center,
a Historical Society, a wonderful Library,
a Gun Club and for winter fun, a Curling Club.

Harvard University has established their School of Forestry
here in Petersham, complete with the small
but fascinating Fisher Museum.

These venues, along with church fairs,
summer band concerts on Sunday nights and the traditional
Old Home Day in August ensure that there is always something
interesting happening in Petersham MA.
111 N. Main St.
Petersham MA 01366
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