Clamber Hill Inn & Restaurant
111 N. Main St.
Petersham MA 01366
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You may know us as a place for good wine, but
Clamber Hill is also a place for good whiskey and
Innkeeper Mark Ellis is our resident whiskey expert.

After attending a private whiskey tasting in 1983,
he has been tasting and evaluating whiskeys for 30 years now!

His personal favorites are the Islay whiskys,
with the top of the list being Laphroaig Qtr Cask.  
He even owns 1 sq ft of the Laphroaig Distillery!

Mark at the Laphroaig Distillery,1988

Clamber Hill now has a full schedule of
Whiskey and other Spirit Tastings, including three
fireside Whiskey & Cigar Nights in the summer.  

Download our 2020 Schedule here.

We are also happy to do private whiskey tastings
with groups of ten or more.  

Come learn how whiskey is produced and
the basic differences between Scotch, Irish, American
and Canadian whiskeys.  Sample
excellent rated whiskeys from around the world
including Japanese, French and Welsh whiskeys.  

Choose between fantastic Single Malt Scotches,
Small Batch Bourbons or something even more exotic.
We're adding new whiskeys each month
so even if you've been once, plan to come back again.  

Whiskey Tastings are held in the bar, Whiskey & Cigar nights
are held outdoors in the summer months
so please plan accordingly

Discover the World of Whiskey
Clamber Hill