Clamber Hill
111 N. Main St
Petersham, MA 01366
Clamber Hill Inn & Restaurant
111 N. Main St.
Petersham MA 010366

    Clamber Hill's Oriental Room reflects  the innkeepers'
    interest in Japan.   Mark lived in Okinawa for several years
    and Deni's cousins lived in Tokyo Japan
    when she was young, bringing back presents,
    including much of the artwork which now adorns
    this guest room and a book of Japanese Fairy Tales
    to be found in Clamber Hill's library.  The Oriental Room
    is furnished with a Brass bed and an antique
    Victorian Sofa, both comfortable but neither Oriental,
    just Clamber Hill's eclectic style of mixing and
    matching art and antiques.  This guest room is
    another wonderfully romantic room with a
    working fireplace at the foot of the bed, perfect for
    a single night stay or a Romantic Get-Away Package.   
    As with all the inn's rooms, this room has a private bath.
    But this is the only room in the inn with a bathtub to luxuriate in.

    Please note:  The Wi-Fi does not work in this room.

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