Mark and I fell in love with wine on our
honeymoon, exploring the romantic, sunlit
flooded valleys of the Rhine and the Mosel river
valleys in Germany.  We discovered that there
was a winestube around almost every bend and
for 1 or 2 DM you could sample the different
wines produced at the vineyard.  That was our
introduction to fine wines.
Since then we have spent many enjoyable
vacations educating ourselves on the production
(and taste too!) of beer, wine and liqueurs.  
Many times we have stumbled across interesting
opportunities such as the glorious fall that we
visited 10 vineyards in Virginia.  We discovered
that Virginia produces surprisingly good wine, the
tradition dating all the back to Thomas
Jefferson.  Unfortunately the wine is not allowed
to be sold out of state.   
Our adventures have also taken us to breweries
in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark,
Germany, the Netherlands and many
microbreweries in the USA.
We have visited wineries in France, Germany
and Italy.  Our trip to France was an especially
delightful one as we “discovered” Benedictine,
Calvados, Cognac, Bordeaux and the Loire
And not to be forgotten are the distilleries of
Scotland.  That was 1988 before Laphroaig had
really started marketing to the US.  We made it
all the way to the Laphroaig Distillery on Islay
only to find out that they didn’t give tours.  But
when I mentioned we had come all the way from
the US on a pilgrimage, the manager took us on
a personal 2 hour tour of the distillery and Mark
(who’s favorite scotch is Laphroaig) was in
seventh heaven (with his Angel's dram).
Now that we have our own Inn and Restaurant
we would like to offer you the chance to try
some of the wonderful beers, wines, spirits and
liqueurs from around the world.  They all have a
subtle way of making the meal more enjoyable!