Clamber Hill Group Menus
For those who want to celebrate with good food!

Prices range from $35 pp to $45 pp for a 3-course meal
depending on the menu selected
not including appetizer platters, beverages, surcharges, taxes or gratuities.
The MA meals tax is 6.25%
A 20% gratuity is charged for group dinners.

Clamber Hill does have a full liquor license.  
Any alcoholic beverages served at the Inn
must be purchased through us
to comply with our liquor license.

Talk to us about wine pairing options.
We've recently revised our group menus to
offer three different 3-course menu options at
three different price levels.

Of course if you'd like to add a course we'd
be happy to do that for you.  One way is
by adding our
Appetizer Platters to the
beginning of the meal.  We'll serve those to
you in the Clamber Hill library
along with cocktails.

But we're also happy to expand the menu to
soup and salad...just call us for pricing.
At Clamber Hill we will arrange for private
dining for groups ranging in size from 8 to 14,
can be seated comfortably at one table in our
dining room.  We are capable of handling
groups up to approx. 24 for a sit down
meal but not at one table.
And for Cocktail Parties (no seating)
we can take groups up to 35.  Give us a call
978-724-8800 or send an e-mail
to and we're happy
to work with you in planning
a fantastic meal.
Private dining may be arranged on any night.
(Deposit required)
Our three different group menus are
$39.95pp, $44.95 pp and $49.95 pp not
including tax and gratuity.  
Menu selections are required in advance
for group dining. Also please let us know
about any food allergies in advance
group menu here.

At Clamber Hill we have a full bar with a
premium whiskey and wine selection and we
carry a selection of local beers and ales.
At Clamber Hill, we specialize in small and personal.  
Everything is made on premise unless you want to bring in a
cake from the outside.  We're happy for you to do that but
please be aware there is a $2.50 pp plating fee.

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